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Tiervlei Trial centre

Centre of Clinical Research Excellence

Tiervlei Trial Centre (TTC) is a well-established private clinical trial centre, since 2000, specialising in the conduct  international and national clinical trials. We have successfully completed more than 500 clinical trials in several therapeutic areas and all phases of medicines development.

TTC has a dedicated operational team consisting of investigators, study coordinators, research nurses, pharmacists, lung- and laboratory technologists, administrators, project managers and recruitment specialists, all certified in GCP (Good Clinical Practice). Our team works in close collaboration with specialists in the private sector, as well as with local universities.

The pharmaceutical industry has recognized TTC as an International Site of Excellence

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TTC Trials offers a wide variety of services for our clients. Our services range from specialist consultations to training and development.


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Ethical clinical trials

At TTC Trials we focus on providing our patients and investors with high-quality services. What sets us apart from other trial centres?

01. Transparency with patients
02. Research to develop medicine
03. International standard trial facilities
04. Our diversity of patients

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Hons BSc (Pharmacology)
Hons BSc (Epid)

Dr. Haylene Nell

Founder & Investigator
Dispensing License
Line Manager Metabolic & CVS

Dr Maria Pretorius

Principal Investigator
Dispensing License

Dr. Zarinah Mohamed

Director Clinical Operations

Dr. Karla Morrison

FCP Peadiatric Pulmonology

Dr. Jan Vermeulen

TTC Trials

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7th Floor, The Views, Tygervalley Health Care Centre, 43 Old Oak Rd, Tygervalley, 7530
Mon-Fri: 7 AM – 4 PMSaturday: ClosedSunday: Closed

I had a very complicated case and many clinics in the past refused to take me as a patient. Dr. Johnson however was not afraid to treat my unique tooth condition. What a great experience! Thank you Doctor and the Clinic!

Sandra Morrison

Advisor, 36 y.o.

Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere and the state-of-the-art interior make you relax and enjoy the process, so you don’t feel like you are in a hospital at all! Everything went so smoothly that I cannot even describe my happiness.

Jack Phillips

Assistant, 32 y.o.

I have been scared of doctors my entire life, but my close friend recommended me the Clinic. I gave it a chance and was extremely surprised! Qualified doctors and individual approach. Highly recommended to all with any health issues!

Amy Walker

Actress, 29 y.o.