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Focus on bringing people together

Capacity Building

TTC formulated a capacity building plan to advance previously disadvantaged groups. In monitoring the plan, a capacity building manager was appointed with a committee represented from designated groups to monitor and to advance capacity building.


Clinical Trials Completed


Clinical Research Staff

  • TTC has trained and employed several individuals from HDIs (2 x African male physicians as Investigators, 6x African female scientist as Study-Coordinator, 3X African  female and males Lung technologist as Study-coordinator).

  • TTC in collaboration with the Division of Pharmacology University of Stellenbosch is presenting a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine. Currently we have approximately 40 registered students of which 90% are HDIs. Bursaries are offered to students for registration as well as travel and accommodation.

  • TTC participates in trials investigating clinical safety and efficacy of traditional medicines.

  • TTC has a continuous training program for development of staff.

  • Dr H Nell is lecturer at the division “Law and Ethics”, SU Medical School programme Advanced Research Ethics Training in South Africa (ARESA)

  • TTC with Fundisa African Academy of Medicines Development presents Clinical Investigator and site staff Certification (CLIC) Course, which is based on the European Pharma Train Curriculum.

  • Fundisa African Academy of Medicines Development with TTC presents a yearly Regulatory Workshop.

  • TTC is a HPCSA approved training site for University of Stellenbosch Clinical Pharmacology Registrars.


DEO Medical Services

TTC offers pro deo medical services to the Karl Bremer Hospital and broader community: services such as echocardiography, lung function tests, lipid, Hba1c screens, skin-prick testing, and specialist consultations.

High Quality Care

Disadvantaged communities are involved and educated in clinical research and drug development. As participants in clinical research, they are afforded the opportunity to access high quality care and sophisticated treatment

Giving Back

Charity runs have been implemented at Karl Bremer Children’s Ward, Kangaroo Unit and Community NGO Projects.
Focus on bringing people together

The Objectives Of The Company’s Capacity Plan

  • To address the Company’s employee demographics vis-á-vis the objectives of the Employment Equity Act;
  • To set achievable numerical targets that are aligned to the Company’s operational requirements;
  • To be used as a tool in assisting management to realise their divisional employment equity goals;
  • To be used for the purpose of succession planning, career pathing and training and development of all employees;
  • To ensure that the annual targets of the Employment Equity Plan are incorporated into the Company’s Business Plan:
  • To be used as a tool by Management in human resources management;
  • To ensure the realisation of ‘equity’ value within the Company.