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Our Facilities

International Standard Facilities

TTC Trials has two trail facilities. We have main site as well as a satellite facility.

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Tiervlei Trial centre

TTC Mega Site

TTC has been marked by Pharma as a mega-site for vaccine and other studies. In the past 2 years the number of participants enrolled were > 400 per month for vaccine studies (adults and children) and metabolic studies 100 participants in 6 months.

Our recruitment strategy is to line up participants prior to the start of the study to allow enrolment of the planned number of participants in a short time. The new TTC facility is geared for the management of large numbers of participants in terms of facility, staff and equipment

We have the capacity and experience to conduct early phase studies. TTC has successfully completed more than 25 Phase I studies, including pharmacokinetic and bio-equivalence studies, as well as a first-in-man vaccine study. TTC is a preferred site for Phase II studies and has successfully completed 60 Phase II studies.

Tiervlei Trial centre

Early Phase Studies

Tiervlei Trial centre

Karl Bremer Hospital (KBH) Affiliation

TTC was located in KBH from 2000 to 2022. One of the strengths of TTC is the unique symbiotic relationship with Karl Bremer Hospital. Karl Bremer Hospital was established in 1956 and is one of the oldest hospitals in the Western Cape. The hospital provides high quality care, for both the private patients (belonging to medical scheme and private paying patients), as well as Government subsidised patients.

The hospital has 282 beds of which 34 are private. Due to capacity restraints,  TTC has relocated  to a new adjacent facility, at the Tygervalley Health Care centre,  TTC interacts closely with the hospital and has access to important services like a 24h00 medical emergency service. In return TTC delivers services to KBH, like performing consultations and special investigations free of charge. We also offer supportive service in areas of need.

Tiervlei Trial centre

Our Facilites

TTC Main Site

  • Out patient facility
  • Patient waiting room with patio
  • 5 Consulting rooms
  • 8 work stations
  • Lung Function Laboratory
  • Laboratory for processing of samples
  • ECG room
  • Procedure room
  • Temperature- and access-controlled pharmacy
  • Access to hospital pharmacy
  • Dedicated area for monitoring
  • Boardroom for study meetings
  • Administrative offices
  • Storage area
  • Facility on hospital emergency power
  • WIFI
  • Fire detection system
  • Full security

TTC Satelite Site

  • Phase I and overnight facility (located 1km away from TTC main centre)
  • Reception room
  • 8 beds
  • Procedure Room
  • Consultation room
  • Entertainment Room
  • Temperature and access controlled pharmacy
  • 3 toilets and 2 bathrooms
  • Secure outside area
  • Generator
  • Security
  • WIFI
latest technology

Learn More About Our Equipment

Learn more about the equipment we use to assist our patients throughout the trial process from remote data capturing to electronic data transfer