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Patient Recruitment

TTC recognizes the importance of patient recruitment in the ultimate success of a clinical trial. We have a multi-faceted approach to recruitment with a view of obtaining a representative population from different geographical areas, cultural and genetic backgrounds as well as socio-economic standards and disease profiles.

We currently have a well-established database of available patients and healthy volunteers. TTC has access to Karl Bremer Hospital’s in and out-patients as well as day clinics. We have obtained approval from local governmental bodies for recruitment from peripheral day hospitals. A large proportion of our patients are recruited by “word-of-mouth”.

We actively advertise in newspapers and have made use of advertorials. Social media is the latest tool for communicating with potential participants and patients. We have made use of local radio stations with success. Wellness meetings with patient education and shopping centre visits are done.

In collaboration with a sponsor and a patient advocacy group, a camp for the education of diabetic children has been arranged, where we will educate patients and introduce them to our studies.